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About Us

My name is John Cole; I was born and went to school in Chichester, West Sussex, England.

I have been making gifts and ornaments now for 30 years. My wife Julie and I started our craft career making mediation toys; these were made from wire and gem stones. My artistic talents soon came to life when left alone with a chainsaw and wood at my feet one tea break whilst out logging. The urge to play came over me. I was amazed with the wooden mushroom that I had carved. I took home to my wife." They come in odd numbers" she cried, "I need two more. If you did me another three I could have a fairy ring".  I guessed at this point she liked them! There was no stopping me. By the end of the week we had wooden mushroom tables and seats. The garden was transformed. Friends came, saw and wanted. That was the start of a beautiful future

‘The Magic of Mushrooms’ had begun.

I am now using all my skill to build and create the most unique Wedding hire and buy service and I have  great enthusiasm in what I make and really care passionately about making your day

"The Best Day Ever"

Delivery and installation will be carried out by me in person and collected by me.

I am able offer you the most unique Bespoke Wedding features from the  Wedding Signs, Marquee & Entrance Displays,  Rustic Benches to hire for your special day. Please look at my  Hiring & Buying page this is where you will find everything you will need to make the perfect Wedding.



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