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Little Magic Mushroom Ornament.


Magic Mushroom Height 40cm Showing
Magic Mushroom Head Size 9cm Wide By 12cm Tall
Made From Recycled Douglas Fir Wood and 10mm Steel Bar

Handmade Magic Mushrooms Gifts and Presents.

This Magic Mushroom wooden Ornaments just simply pushes down into the ground to secure them, they are made from  Recycled Douglas Fir wood given to me by West Sussex Environment Agency, tree surgeons & local business wood waste to make into Recycled wood Sculpture gifts. The wooden Mushroom stems are made  from 10mm steel bar, I heat up the steel bar and created natural flowing shapes for the Magic Mushroom Stems. These Magic Mushroom can made to order in many shape and sizes please look at my Magic Mushroom Gallery to see the styles and shapes available. Magic Mushroom can be set into a piece of wood with copper grass added if requested. Each mushroom is unique unusual and can be personalised with Engraving for that perfect Gift or Present.

Please Call John Cole for availability.

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Made By Hand With Love For Everyone.

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