Contemporary wooden Chanterelle garden decoration ornaments handmade mushrooms

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Chanterelle Garden Mushrooms.


Here you will see the the a selection of garden decoration wooden Chanterelle mushrooms. These outdoor garden decorations are unique garden furniture statues Chanterelle mushrooms can be made to order in a selection of durable timbers and to to any size contemporary garden ornaments are hand made and finished to a high standard, please enjoy this video of Chanterelle mushroom and thank you for looking.

Chanterelle Garden Art Feature Ornaments.

We are always delighted to take on commissions and work with you & your budget to develop unique products for your school, garden, outdoor space .

Whatever kind of Wooden Seating or garden decoration you require (if itís possible for me to make) I will give you a no obligation quote.

John Cole

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Made by Hand with Love.

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