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Daisy Flower Ornaments.
These are only available for collection sales at Greenacres Nursery.

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Daisy Flower


Double Petal Daisy


Double Petal with Back


About Wooden Daisies
These Wooden Garden flowers ornament come in lots of shapes liked a real Daisy and other types of Daisies, Blue Bells and other  popular flowers, made from recycled wood given to me by the West Sussex Environment Agency, local Tree Surgeons and wood waste from local business to show how we recycle all wood waste into wooden garden Decoration and Unique Gifts

Size Available
The tallest wooden daisies can  measures up to 3 meters high and the smallest one measures 1 meter high and the others are in between the two sizes . All Flowers carvings are made from the heart wood of  Red Cedar and Iroko and other durable timbers. Using a mixture of 28mm, 22mm, 15mm, 10mm & 8mm copper tube and steel bar on the Flower steam giving the steams a natural twist and also adding the twisted copper grass to the  base of the feature.

Fixing Daisies Flowers
The beautiful Daisy Flowers can be set into the ground with a metal spike inserted inside the bottom of the wooden flower stem, then simple push into the ground at your garden setting as you like it.


 Extra Features For Your Daisies Flowers
On request I can set the wooden daisy into a carved piece of Recycled Wood and add any Copper Grass around the base of the Daisy Flower and add Engraving for that perfect unique Gift. These Garden Daisies decoration would make any Garden or home look great and can be used for flower arrangements, garden statue, garden art, flower picture and a great indoor or garden floral sculpture or just floral arrangements for special occasions.


Commission Work

I am always delighted to take on commissions and work with you & your budget to develop unique products for

 your School, Home, Garden and outdoor space or business.

Whatever kind of wooden garden sculpture you need or garden decoration you require I will

 give you a no obligation quote.



 Collection Only
Made By Hand With Love For Everyone.

John Cole

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