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Aldingbourne Trust The Aldingbourne Trust is a place where the staff are committed to unlocking potential in people with learning difficulties.

About Us   /   How the wood carving started.


Back Rest Bench   /   Wooden Bench with Back rest


Bulrush Sculpture   /   Wooden Bulrushes with copper steams and leafs.


Bell Top   /    wooden magic mushroom with Bell Tops.


Button Slide Show   /   View a great slide show of my Button Mushrooms.


Chainsaw demo Chainsaw carving video on how to make a wooden mushroom


Chanterelle Mushroom Chair  /   Here is a great Chair.


Children's Seats   /   Handmade personalised seats.


Chanterelle Mushrooms   /   Chanterelle Garden Mushrooms


Contact Details   /   How to contact us information page.


English Yew   /   Wooden English Yew Table


English yew Eggs   /   Wooden handcrafted Eggs.


Engraving Slideshow   /   View the different styles of Engraving.


Fairy Houses   /   Here are ideas for children's garden gifts.


Finger Post Slideshow  /  These Signpost are made from recycled wood


First Carvings  /  Here you will see some of my first chainsaw Carvings


Finger Post   /   Old English Oak Finger Post.


Wooden Daisy Flowers  /  Wooden flowers garden ornament


Wooden Fruit   /   Slideshow of carved wooden Fruit


Gallery Pictures   /   Here are lots of slideshow of products.


Greenacres Nursery   /    view all my product that I make.


Wooden Hearts   /   Wooden Hearts slideshow.


Heart Gifts   /   Gifts for all occasions.


Magic Mushrooms   /   Slideshow of Magic Mushrooms.


Magic Mushrooms   /   Prices and sizes guide


Adult Mushroom seating set   /   Mushroom Table and Seating Set.


Park Slideshow   /   Natural children play parks.


Parks   /   Natural children play parks.


Puffball Sculpture   /   Prices and Sizes Guide.


Memorial Crosses   /   Wooden remembrance Crosses.


Wooden Fruit   /   Apple and Pear wood carving commission.


Toadstools   /   Toadstool prices and sizes.


Link Page   /   Lots of useful links.


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