Tiki Bar Commission

Tiki Bar Commission

Tiki Bar Welcome Sign - This Sign is on the Bar Front at Bognor Regis Tiki Bar Tiki Bar Fish Wood Carving Decoration Tiki Bar Sign Tiki Bar Fish Wood Carving Decoration Tiki Bar Fish Wood Carving Decoration Tiki Bar Fish Wood Carving Decoration Tiki Bar Fish Wood Carving Decoration Tiki Bar Funny Sign With Tiki Gods Dancing Tiki Bar Wooden Tiki Face Carving for Log Tiki Bar Wooden Sign With Shell Tiki Bar Large Rustic Bar SIgn With Tiki Faces Getting Freaky At The Tiki Wooen Rustic Sign Tiki Bar God Cocktail Table Tiki Bar Funny Wall Sign Tiki Face Wood Carving Tiki God Face Wood Sulpture Tiki Bar Entrance Funny Sign TIKI INSIDE Tiki Bar Front Entrance Bognor Regis. The Worst Kept Secret Tiki Bar Seating Area The Worst Kept Secret Logo

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This was a great commission we did last year in Bognor Regis West Sussex. The bar is called "The Worst Kept Secret" and is a Tiki Cocktail Bar.

We were commissioned to do this after the owners saw another bar we had worked on, and we had a great amount of work to create this great venue.  There is nothing else in the area like it, when you walk through the door you will not believe what is in there! It is a very unique place like no other. If you are ever in Bognor Regis, please go and have a cocktail and experience this great venue. This Cocktail Bar is available for private parties. Good for group parties.

They take bookings and offer table service. Walk-ins are also welcome.
The Worst Kept Secret
65 High Street
Bognor Regis

If you have a dream of owning your very own venue like this Tiki Bar, please get in touch with John and Richie to talk to us about making your dream come true.

Made by hand and foot with love.