Memorial Shop

Memorial Shop

Welcome to our memorial remembrance page, we produce beautiful handcrafted unique bespoke plaques for everyone, these can be ornaments, jewellery and plaques for all pets and loved one in a selection of styles colours and design with a option to add engraving, ashes and fur to any resin product on our website to create you that remembrance piece forever.

These all can be made to display indoor/ outdoor

Please use our livechat and we can create you any remembrance plaque you may be looking for just tell us what you want and we will send you some designs and ideas. 

Pet Memorials

Losing a pet is never easy. They are always a part of your life and your family's and losing them can be devastating. This is why we create our personalised animal memorials made from wood and resin plaques, these are made by hand with love and care and we can create you just the remembrance plaque you want for your pet. read more »

Loved Ones Memorials

Your grief is as personal and unique as you; no one else will have the same bereavement experience as you and there is not a right way to respond to loss. We have created these unique remembrance plaque so you can add ashes to them and keep a part of them close to you forever read more »

Memorial Jewellery

We have  created this jewellery section so that we can add ashes to our jewellery so that you pet or love one can be with you all the time, something you will see and wear everyday. These can be custom made in a selection of colours and glitters on request  .read more »

Memorial Crosses

These Oak Wooden Cross are all made by hand in West Sussex, England in a selection of sizes and styles, we can add engraving on request to any cross and also add ashes to any cross. These wooden oak reembrace crosses are suitable for indoor/outdoor display read more »

Bespoke Garden Memorials

This is a selection of garden bespoke remembrance range, these can be tree spinners decoctive plaques, Live Edge Plaques and also any resin product you see on website we can add ashes to the resin with a choice of colours available from our colour chart.  read more »

Shop All

This is a selection of all indoor/outdoor remembrance range, what ever kind  of remembrance  plaque you are looking for we can make it for you just use our livechat and we can create you and plaque with any design you may want to remember you pet or loved one  read more »