Personalised Necklace With Ashes

Personalised Memorial Gifts

We started creating Personalised Memorial Gifts when our family dog passed away in 2020. We wanted to remember him by creating something long-lasting and beautiful. Friends saw it and asked us to create something similar for their pets or family members – so we did just that!

Personalised Memorial Gifts Online

Our memorial gifts have become very popular, and we receive orders from near and far. You can choose a design from our website or ask us to create something completely unique.

Choose the colour you want, and we will add it to your design. We can also add ashes if that is what you would like.

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People And Pets

Family members don’t just include human beings. We know how our pets become important parts of our lives too. We call ourselves a family of six, three humans, two meows called MoMo and Clyde and a woof called Mutley!

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Spinners And Sun-Catchers

Our most popular Personalised Memorial Gifts are spinners and suncatchers. The most requested designs are rainbows, hearts and paw prints.

Follow this link to see our Spinning Sun Catchers.

Jewellery And Keepsakes

It is not just wooden memorial gifts that we sell. We also make jewellery and heart keepsakes out of resin – both of which can include ashes. Our heart necklaces are very popular and can be made in many different colours and sizes.

Oak Wooden Crosses

In addition to our plaques, spinners and sun-catchers, we also make Oak Wooden Crosses. Each cross is lovingly crafted out of oak so it will last for many years to come and is also smooth and comforting to hold. If this is something you, or your church would like, please get in touch.

How We Work – Tik Tok And You Tube

A few years ago, we decided that we wanted to show how we create our gifts so we took the brave step of showing our videos on Tik Tok and You Tube. We are able to demonstrate, the skill that goes into each and every piece of work that we create.

Follow this link to view our work on Tik Tok.

Follow this link to view our work on You Tube  (link this sentence to the following URL)

Sustainable Wood

We use wood that would otherwise be discarded or burnt. Our wood is sourced from ‘Built by Artizans’ – we use their off-cuts and they kindly let us use their workshop in the woods! We also get our wood from the environment agency – driftwood and wood that has naturally fallen or is from a managed forest. This means that our products will benefit the environment, making use of surplus wood, as well as looking beautiful for many years to come.

Private Commissions

If you are looking for something completely different to remember a loved one, then please contact us. Your imagination is the only limitation to what we can produce. The person you want to remember may have loved a particular group, song or food, car, animal or part of the world. This is about them as an individual and about how you would like to remember them – it doesn’t just have to be about hearts and rainbows!

Follow this link to see one of the commissions that we undertook for the Pier Bar Hotel.

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