Resin Plaques

Unique wood and resin plaques and ornaments. These are a perfect ornament to add colour to your homes. Each wooden plaque is hand sanded and engraved by the team. our most popular stencils are the  Butterflies, Bees, Dragon flies, Lady Birds, Wolves, Giraffes and many more!

Since then, we have never looked back! After many years experimenting with the resin plaques, and perfecting them to the highest of quality, we can now proudly present you with all of our stunning resin plaques!

Private Commissions & Custom Made

What would you like in your garden? What do you love? Think of the images, the colours, and how large you would like your resin plaque to be.

We have created hundreds of designs over the past few years. Please use our gallery to find past commotions.  we specialize in  crafting personalized plaques! So, if you would like something personal made for yourself or even for a friend! Contact us today. We love hearing your ideas and making them into.

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