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About How It All Began

My wife Julie and I started our craft career making About 40+ years ago. we crafted meditation toys from wire and gemstones. Then one day, when left alone with a chainsaw and some wood my artistic talents came to life. Before long I had carved a wooden mushroom and was amazed by the outcome. 

I took it home to my wife. ”They are amazing's” she cried, “I need two more – if you make me another three I could have a fairy garden”.

This was a good start!

There was no stopping me and by the end of the week we had wooden mushroom tables and seats. The garden was transformed, so that was the start of a beautiful future. – handmade4u has just started!

What we do now?

Fast forward to Covid where me my wife and two sons re-designed our garden. we designed it into our very own shop. as well as launch our online store handmade4u. This is now our main selling page where we have lots of unique home and garden ornaments. they are perfect as gifts too! we can do personal orders please contact us is you would like a free quote.

My sons are part of the team and they help me produce and craft the ornaments. They make and produce handmade signs and ornaments and also helped with maintenance our gift shop. They also create content so please make sure to like and comment on all our posts !

Please follow us on meta and Instagram for all the latest news and to help us out.

Wood & Resin Gifts And Ornaments and Signs

Combining our skills, we now offer a great range of wood, and resin features. These are available so you can create your own unique piece of art. You can choose from a range of colours to personalise to your creation. we use Epoxy Resin which along with Eco-resin and silicone. resin is the  non-toxic, safe, and non-poisonous. 

Since people loved these designs so much, we decided to start making our wood resin plaques. Firstly, we made a seahorse with bright coloured sea glass placed into the stencil. This was before we had ever discovered the spectacular uses of epoxy resin. We were amazed at how effective incorporating the resin into the plaques looked.

To find out more about our Handmade resin plaques, or to ask us to create a handmade personalised gift such as a sculpture or ornament just for you, please click here.

How we protect our Ornaments and Signs

To protect the wood, we coat each item in resin and then finish it with a spray coat of lacquer. This gives the wood a hard coating what process protects the wood from any erosion from the uk weather. this is also how we giving it a shiny finish, ensuring that it will withstand the brutal UK weather and last many years in your home or garden.

if you are starting to see the effects you can contact us to get them re-sprayed. or go to your local Halfords or car shop. there you will find lacquer any clear car lacquer will do as it will give the wood a new shine.    

How are we Sustainable

We have worked with wood for over 36 years and I am proud to say that all my materials are sourced from sustainable or recycled facilities.

Off-cuts usually come from my friends at ‘Built By Artizans’ , where they kindly give me all my wood and allow me to work with my chainsaw in their woodland creating my wooden products from their off cuts .  I also use old timber groins and driftwood from the Environment Agency. This timber is generally old and will certainly last year and years! 

We only use sustainable or recycled woodcuts so the type of wood will vary – some therefore are more scented than others, adding another sensory experience to the already tactile nature of the sculpture. Many find it quite pleasing to touch or stroke a wooden ornament, so it’s a feast for all the senses!

To Find Out More About Handmade4U.co.uk

If you would like to know more about our business or the Handmade Personalised Gifts that we produce, please contact us or by phone or email.

Please call us on:

T: 01243 641490
M: 07973 105360

E: sales@handmade4u.co.uk

Shopping Information

Shopping Information Shopping Information Please Try and give us as much notice as possible. If you can and to get in touch to discuss your requirements for your order. Either via e-mail sales@handmade4u.co.uk.co.uk or via telephone please call John... read more »