Dandelion Ornaments Shop

Unique Dandelion Allium Ornaments. They look good in your home as well as your garden. Handcrafted ornaments are available in lots of shapes and sizes. With a choice of center colors and screw choices so you can find your perfect dandelion.

Stunning ornaments are handcrafted by our family. They are made from solid rubber center and brass plated screws. This ensures the best quality. What will ensure the best quality to last many years. in any home or garden?

Firstly, the Dandelion Allium ornaments are created with high-quality materials, each individually handcrafted. They are very eye-catching and unusual looking walking into the room or garden. All Ornaments are finished to the highest standard. We only use recycled or unused high quality materials.

We will find the best pieces that would work well together. Then hand screw over a hundred screws into the rubber core. These Dandelion Allium Ornaments will bring new light to your home and garden.

Secondly, we hand coat each Dandelion Ornaments and spray them with lacquer, to protect it from the brutal UK weather. We use only the highest quality resins and materials in our work. and Only believe only in perfection for your homes and gardens.

Lastly, we let everything dry and set it after being poured. It hardens at the correct temperature. The ornament is suitable for going inside and outside. When set, everything is encased in resin. Then it is ready to be displayed in your home or garden for may years to come!