XL Floating Dandelion Sculptures


Experience the elegance of XL Floating Dandelion Sculptures from Handmade4u. Expertly handcrafted, customizable, and built to last, our sculptures add a unique touch of whimsy to any garden. Explore our mix and match options to personalize your outdoor space. Order now for swift delivery!

Weight: 0.4 kg

Dimensions: 22 × 22 × 22 cm

XL Floating Dandelion Sculptures: The Elegance Your Garden Needs

Welcome to the world of XL Floating Dandelion Sculptures. These spectacular pieces aren't your typical garden ornaments. They beautifully mix meticulous craftsmanship with nature's beauty. Specifically crafted for garden enthusiasts desiring unique artistry, our Dandelion Sculptures revolutionize outdoor spaces.

Handmade Excellence in Every Piece

Every XL Floating Dandelion Sculpture showcases meticulous handcrafting. We carefully hammer metal rods into a durable rubber core. The result? An enchanting piece that seems to float effortlessly, adding a matchless touch of whimsy to your outdoor space.

Customize Your Colour and Size -XL Floating Dandelion Sculptures

Our XL Floating Dandelion Sculptures measure 22cm x 22cm x 22cm. You can select from our palette of 10 vibrant colours to match or contrast with your garden's aesthetics.

Designed for Longevity

We built our Dandelion Sculptures to last. Each sculpture receives a protective lacquer finish, ensuring it withstands time and weather. Your garden will maintain its enchantment through all seasons.

XL Floating Dandelion Sculptures - Swift Shipping and Delivery

We know you're eager to receive your order, so we strive for quick processing times. Even though creating these masterpieces takes 3-5 days, they're definitely worth the wait. We use Royal Mail / Parcel Force for shipping, which means you'll typically receive your order within a week.

Mix and Match for a Personalized Look

Breathe new life into your garden with our Mix and Match options. We understand that each person has their unique style. That's why we invite you to combine our Dandelion Sculptures with our other charming garden sculptures.

With our range of vibrant colours and sizes, you can create a collection that truly reflects your aesthetic. Whether you combine our floating dandelions with our alliums or other garden sculptures, you curate your outdoor space to be uniquely yours.

Remember, there's no rule that you can't mix and match! So, dive in and let your creativity soar. After all, your garden is your canvas, and you're the artist.

Discover More About Us

Curious about other unique garden sculptures? Visit our catalogue to find inspiration for your next garden project.

When it comes to garden décor, our Dandelion Sculptures stand alone in their charm. Upgrade your outdoor space today with these mesmerizing pieces. Order now and start transforming your garden into a paradise of art and beauty.

XL Floating Dandelion Sculptures