Sat in the garden one sunny day, I noticed the trees needed some more life and colour bringing to them… The idea was there, I got straight to work that day and started designing our suncatchers.

To my wife’s surprise, a few weeks later, the trees were blooming with colour. The new suncatchers had been born. To her disappointment, they didn’t stay around for very long. In fact, the word got out, and we had sold out of suncatchers by the first weekend!

We have now spent many years perfecting the suncatchers, so you can also have these stunning ornaments in your own home or garden.

Displaying Your Suncatcher

Our suncatchers come with a metal hook for quick and easily displaying. Therefore, you can simply hook anywhere in your garden and let it spin! Our suncatchers naturally spin in the wind on their own, they will keep spinning all day long. Additionally, we recommend displaying in direct sunlight for stunning visual effects.

Handmade Start To Finish

Everything is handmade from start to finish. No fancy machinery, just years of hard work perfecting our crafts. Everything’s made by my family, everyone has their part in creating the suncatchers.

Also, I coat the suncatchers in a clear lacquer. So, it will ensures it to lasts many years in your garden and will protect it from the sun and the brutal uk weather. Finally, I attach the line so the suncatcher is ready for its forever home.

To find out more

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