Garden Mushrooms Gallery

Garden Mushrooms Gallery

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These are our handmade Garden Mushrooms in lots of sizes styles and designs, these are a perfect ornament for home schools and nursery. Creating a magical visual display and make great seating and playground ornaments.

Garden Mushrooms Gallery

Garden Mushrooms, here you will find lots of images of our Garden Mushrooms Gallery in west Sussex. moreover the shop is open every day so please come and visit. we have lots of unique products what a very visually satisfying to look at. Take your time to look through and contact us if you have more questions. 

Each Garden Mushrooms Gallery is unique and made with love, care, and attention. You can buy direct from The website, Or you can order it to be collected from the gift shop. Or Contact us to get a free, no-obligation price on any sign or ornament. Our team of experienced woodworkers will help you at every stage. Select a style and design from hundreds of options, or give us a photo to recreate. or if your looking for a unique gift we are the perfect place! 

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Please consider visiting our Gift Garden. Is literally our garden but transformed into a fun shop. However unlike any other garden, it is also the outside showroom. What is  to hundreds of handmade wooden gifts, ornaments and signs. We pride ourselves on providing a unique experience for all visitors. so come in, wander around, and take time to browse. furthermore we  always on hand to help you find the perfect gift. for more information on how to find the gift shop please