Resin Seahorses Gallery

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Resin Seahorses commission we have made from wood with resin. Available to made to order with a choice of colours available from our colour chart.
Wooden Resin Seahorse can be Engraved for that unique gifts for Valentine’s Gift, Anniversary's, Birthdays, Weddings, Christmas or any special occasion that very.

Resin Seahorses Gallery

Combining our skills we can now offer a great range of Resin Seahorses Gallery. you can brows the ornaments on our Wood & Resin ORNAMENTS Gallery. furthermore  You can create your own unique piece of art, as you can choose from a range of colours to personalise to your creation.  These are available in different types of wood so you can craft your dream Wood & Resin ornament.

Contact us to get a free, no-obligation price on any sign or ornament. Our team of experienced woodworkers will help you at every stage. Select a style and design from hundreds of options, or give us a photo to recreate. or if your looking for a unique gift we are the perfect place. we have a large selection for under £30 click here to see.

Our shop is in Highleigh, West Sussex, to experience the beauty of handmade goods you can come and visit us!  Browse our garden to see our unique products, decorations, and signs for both the home & workplace. we have created lots of business signs like the sign we donated for the cat and rabbit rescue centre. we love doing local commotions and will install the sign for you.

My family and I are excited to produce beautiful products since we have over 30 years of combined expertise. Dealing with wood and two years of perfecting the art of resin. We Begin to make your own distinctive item right now by letting the brilliance of our work serve as inspiration, so why wait any longer? browse our Wood & Resin Gallery for previous work and be by the beauty. When your ready to order simply reach out to us and get started on your unique creation today!