Tree Decoration

looking for a stand out tree decoration? Our suncatchers will instantly brighten any tree with stunning colour. Handmade in West Sussex with astonishing local red cedar wood they will be a instant eye catcher every time you see it spinning!

Displaying Your Tree Decoration

Our suncatchers come with a metal hook for quick and easily displaying. Therefore, you can simply hook in any tree and watch it spin throughout the day!

Our suncatchers naturally spin in the wind on their own, they will keep spinning naturally in the wind. Additionally, we recommend displaying in direct sunlight for stunning visual effects.

Wood & Resin Tree Decoration

The centres of the tree decorations are resin. When we started using resin we instantly knew how well it would work incorporating them into the suncatchers. The resin will catch the sun and give stunning visual effects. Especially when the suncatcher is spinning direct sunlight.

Also, I coat the suncatchers in a clear lacquer. So, it will ensures it to lasts many years in your garden and will protect it from the sun and the brutal uk weather.

Sustainable And Recycled Materials

We have worked with wood for over 36 years and I am proud to say that all my materials are sourced from sustainable or recycled facilities.

We only use sustainable or recycled woodcuts so the type of wood will vary – some therefore are more scented than others, adding another sensory experience to the already tactile nature of the sculpture. Many find it quite pleasing to touch or stroke a wooden ornament, so it’s a feast for all the senses!