Wood Garden Ornaments

This is our rage of wood garden ornaments. We pride our self’s in using locally sourced wood. As well as locally sourced we only use strong durable so there features can last all year round in the brutal UK weather. For instance, the red cedar wood is from builtbyartizans who kindly let us use all of their leftover off cuts. In addition we coat the wood in resin and lacquer. As result, we can guarantee all of our wood garden ornaments will last many years.

handmade4u display

Handmade Start To Finish

All of our wooden ornaments are handmade… Hence the name handmade4u! We are a family run business and all of the products are made with love. Everyone in our family has there part in creating these features.

Firstly once we have a order me and the boys have the job of carving the wood. We get the wood to the correct shape using the different techniques we have learnt over our years of wood working.

Once the wood hand been carved we next have the job of sealing the wood. to seal the wood we use resin. This is so when my wife Julie pours the resin there will be no leakage. Also, we coat in resin to help protect the wood so you are able to display your ornament outdoors.

When the woods sealed we now pour the resin. My wife has lots of different designs and patterns she pours with the resin. It took her many years of practice to get these perfect. As you may know resin is very tricky to use, it has took her lots of work to make these perfect.