Heart Rainbow Suncatcher

Heart Rainbow Suncatcher


This is a Custom-Made product. 🔨

Please allow 14 – 21 business days for it to be made and posted. 🚚

If you need your spinner by a specific date, please contact us before placing your order. 📅

We have a wide range of resin colours available. Simply select the colour of resin used in your order from the drop-down menu. 🎨

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Weight: 0.9 kg

Dimensions: 100 × 20 × 2 cm

Available on back-order

Heart Rainbow Suncatcher 🌈

Introducing the stunning Heart Rainbow Suncatcher. This piece of art is handmade by my family, featuring intricately cut hearts through the wood, then filled with translucent resin in a rainbow patten. It will definitely be an eye-catcher in any home!

It is hung with a metal hook and a sleek line, this spinner will naturally spin all day. Adding a touch of movement to any space. When hung in direct sunlight, the suncatcher will create stunning visual effects. 

We only use the most high quality, durable wood including re-claimed wood from our friends at builtbyartizans who kindly let us use all of their leftover wood. Ensuring that our suncatcher are not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly.

To protect the wood, we coat it in resin and then finish it with a spray coat of lacquer. This process protects the wood, giving it a shiny finish, ensuring that it will withstand the brutal UK weather.

Don't pass up the opportunity to possess this one of a kind item, order yours today! 

Heart Rainbow Suncatcher Dimensions 📐

But what are the dimensions of this beautiful piece, you ask? 

Height: 100 cm

Length: 20 cm

With: 2 cm

However, we handcraft each suncatcher. As a result, the sizes, colour, and shape may differ slightly. Nevertheless, this adds to the uniqueness and beauty of each suncatcher.

Also, if you have special size or colour needs, please contact us, and we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Delivery Time ⏰

This is a custom-made product. So, delivery will take 14 – 21 working days, depending on current demand.

Or, collection available after your suncatcher has been made.

Displaying Your Heart Rainbow Suncatcher 🖼

They can be put up just about anywhere using the suspended from a line and the metal hook, which allows them to be easily be placed in a suitable location, such as a tree branch.

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