Gifts With Wood

Unique Gifts With Wood

Looking for a stunning gifts with wood that will eave anyone amazed? Check out our unique wooden gift range! We have 100’s of different wooden gifts to choose from these include:

Leave anyone speechless with a handmade wooden gift. We make every product with love. Therefore, we can guarantee it will leave everyone questioning where you got the gift from.

Not only are they made with love. But also made from locally sourced sustainable wood. As well as that, each peace of wood will have its own unique markings and knots. So, it will truly be a 1/1 unique gift. You will never find anywhere else!

wooden suncatchers

For Home & Garden

Not only do our products make amazing gifts. But also, these can be a treat for yourself. they will instantly brighten up your home or garden. All of our gifts with wood come with attachments to simply display them in home.

The suncatchers come with a metal hook to place anywhere in your garden. the suncatchers will spin naturally in the wind and will be an eye catcher in any garden.

The resin plaques come with a stake so you can display them on your lawn. Also, you can place the plaques free standing anywhere around your home or garden. The resin plaques are all filled with resin and will put a smile on your face very time you see it in your home

Our wooden sculptures are ether push in the ground or on a base. The push in the ground sculptures can simply be pushed into any soft ground including lawns and flower beds. You can place the based feature anywhere around the home they will free stand on there own.